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About the Members Area

“My work has always been about freeing ourselves of sexual shame by exploring and celebrating ourselves as sexual beings”

— Tom Bianchi


Tom Bianchi published his first photo book, Out of The Studio in 1991.
Established in 1993, just 4 years after the World Wide Web was created, Tom developed the members website with the intention to use it as the digital publishing platform for his photo essays with friends and lovers. The essays are organized in volumes and chapters. There are currently over 1500 chapters uploaded.
The intimacy between subject and photographer unfolds as the shoots take place. Tom provides a safe stage for men to explore their sexual play and erotic energy; the camera becomes the recorder of that energy and intimacy. Subject and photographer become co creators in the exchange. The experience of these photo sessions is liberating and free from sexual shame, encouraging subjects to play with their desires, erotic triggers and often find new ways to revel in our sexual selves.
As a viewer you are transported into this space. Tom’s texts, included in each chapter, provide his personal thoughts and feelings experienced both during the shoot and afterwards when reviewing the photographs taken.

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